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Workout Balls

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  1. This is the "professional" BOSU model found in commercial gyms. Commonly used for balance and core stability.
  2. Foot Pump

    • Quickly inflate workout balls and balance training devices
    • Lightweight and convenient
    • Great for travel
  3. Top quality. This electric air pump is capable of inflating a standard 65cm gym ball in under 6 minutes.
  4. Gym Ball And Pump Combo Set

    $18.95 - $22.95
    • Full set includes workout ball, foot pump, and plug
    • Strengthens and tones muscles
  5. Workout Ball (Without Pump)

    $15.95 - $24.95
    Reasonably priced. Perfect for strength, balance, core, and stretching. Available in three sizes.
    • Provides stability and keeps workout balls stationary
    • Notched base for resistance bands or tubing
    • Dimension
  6. Easy, neat storage for gym balls. Comes in sets of three (clear color). Does not include gym balls.

  7. Pliable and strong. Great for inner thighs, abs, yoga, and more. Inflates and deflates within seconds.

  8. Replacement plug kit for inflatable workout balls. Fits most gym balls and other inflatables.

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