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  1. Slammer Ball

    $31.95 - $349.95
    Available from 5 to 150 lbs. Non-bounce rubber weighted medicine ball. Intended for slamming.
  2. Ideal for athletic performance, fitness, and rehabilitation. Sold in pairs. Fully adjustable.
  3. TheraBand Soft Weights

    $20.49 - $34.99
    A soft alternative to traditional dumbbells. Provides users more versatility for strength training.
  4. Kettlebells

    $26.99 - $142.99
    FREE USA SHIPPING! CFF cast iron kettlebells with black powder coat finish. Weight printed in kilograms. Available in sizes 4kg to 32kg
  5. Training Sandbags

    $64.95 - $89.95
    High quality black canvas sandbags. Comes with filler bags. Available in small, medium, and large.
  6. Versatile weight rack helps keep workout area organized and safe. Holds full set of 5 to 50 lb hex dumbbell pairs.

  7. Rubber Hex Dumbbell Sets

    $995.00 - $1,350.00
    • Perfect for home gyms or health clubs
    • Rubber helps to reduce noise and protect floors and equipment
    • Built with all steel chrome contoured handles
    • Limited lifetime warranty
    • Sol
  8. CLEARANCE ITEM! Three pound vinyl coated dumbbell. Hexagonal shape to prevent rolling. Plain, unmarked dumbbells with no logo or insignia.

  9. SOLD INDIVIDUALLY. Made by Body Sport. Solid metal dumbbells coated in vinyl. Latex free. Color coded by weight.
  10. Weighted Bar

    $23.95 - $45.95
    • Body Sport brand
    • Encased in durable rubber
    • Black rubber sleeves on each end to protect floors
  11. Utilizes water to create dynamic resistance. Fill it with water to any desired weight up to 65 lbs.
  12. Sold individually. Perfect for home gyms or health clubs. Rubber helps to reduce noise and protect floors and equipment. Built with all steel chrome contoured handles. Limited lifetime warranty. Additional freight charges may apply to orders over

  13. SandBells work like a medicine ball, kettlebell, or dumbbell, but does much more. Simply fill with sand. Sold individually.
  14. Enhances grip strength. Fully adjustable from 45 to 500 plus pounds of pressure.
  15. Bouncewell Medicine Ball

    $18.95 - $62.95

    A top-rated med ball. These are great for group fitness classes, core training, strength, plyometrics, rehabilitation, and more. The balls are not weighted with sand or any other fillers. The weight is derived from the thickness of the rubber wall

  16. A soft, pliable weighted medicine ball. Does not roll around or bounce. Textured surface for easy gripping. Ideal for exercise and rehabilitation.

  17. An oversized, weighted ball. Double stiched seam. Designed for wall ball exercises. Retains shape and weight balance over time.
  18. Workoutz vinyl coated dumbbells. Hex shape to prevent rolling. SOLD INDIVIDUALLY.
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