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Stretching is a fundamental part of fitness, but it is often overlooked. So don't overlook what we have to offer because it will enhance your fitness program. Our selection includes dynamic stretching straps, yoga stretch straps, and the popular Stretch Out Strap which includes an illustrated training guide.
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  1. Assists with shoulder range of motion. Mounts to the top of a door or at any point along a standard door jamb for ease of use.

  2. Great for shoulder rehabilitation. An affordable way to improve shoulder range of motion. Easy-to-use overhead pulley system for doorway mount.

  3. Yoga Stretch Strap

    $9.95 - $10.95
    Accomplish yoga positions that might not otherwise be possible. 1.5" belt strap which has a buckle and fastener.
    • Perform a variety of stretches
    • Elastic stretch pockets
    • Lightweight and convenient
  4. Easily perform stretches without a partner. Comes with 40-page instruction guide with illustrated stretches.
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