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Serious athletes only! The VertiMax allows you to perform sport-specific drills under constant resistance.

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NOTICE: Your VertiMax is made to order and thus cannot be expedited or refunded. Typical delivery time is 2 weeks. Please ignore the estimated delivery date shown at checkout.

As seen in the latest Under Armour commercial and on Discovery Channel's "American Muscle." Perform sport-specific drills under constant resistance. Build upper and lower body speed. Improve vertical jump and reactive power. Applications: personal training, sports conditioning, rehabilitation, etc. Choose your own platform and cord colors. Comprehensive training DVD and accessories included. Virtually everybody who's somebody uses the VertiMax! The VertiMax allows you to perform various exercises under constant resistance. A series of resistance vectors can be quickly adjusted to accommodate virtually any sports movement pattern. The VertiMax platform consists of a plyo mat and shock-absorbing legs that help to reduce joint impact. VertiMax includes a waist belt, hip flexor harness (2), hand straps (2), and training DVD.

Available in two sizes:

Standard Size
4' x 5' platform with 3' x 4' training area
Elite Size
4' x 6' platform with 4' x 4' training area for a greater range of exercises


Model* Description
V6 Plus Capable of creating multiple resistance vectors by relocating cords 5 and 6 to different areas around the platform.
V8 Plus All the advantages of the V6 Plus, but with additional 7th and 8th cords. This provides even more contact points and a greater range of resistances.


*All models are available in both Standard and Elite sizes.

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