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Bands & Tubes

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  1. The Resistance Band Exercises DVD is a series of the most effective resistance band exercises.
  2. Padded black handle with white solid frame. Rotating handles. Plain, unmarked tubes with no visible insignias or logos. Each tube is packed individually. Brand:

  3. A premium, commercial quality resistance tube with foam padded handles.
  4. This covered tube prevents over-stretching and dangerous recoiling if the tubing breaks. Lasts longer than traditional tubes.
  5. This product is only recommended for individuals who are taller than 6ft. Resistance tubes with protective sleeves. Lasts longer than traditional tubes.

  6. A bungee cord shrouded in a double fabric protection sleeve. Available in two lengths. Safety covering offers peace of mind from dangerous situations.

  7. The Workoutz figure-8 resistance band has many uses: stretching, functional training, rehabilitation, strength training, pilates, and more.

  8. Create your own customer resistance band or use as a replacement. Works with most ankle cuffs, handles, straps, etc.

  9. Workoutz bulk tubing 25 feet rolls. Create your own custom resistance tubing lengths. Great for special applications. Can be cut with scissors.

  10. Create your own custom resistance tubing lengths. 100 total feet of tubing (four 25ft rolls).
  11. The most widely researched resistance band. Clinically proven to improve strength, range of motion, and balance.
  12. TheraBand 50 Yard Rolls

    $84.95 - $104.95
    Fifty yards (150 feet) of bulk latex band roll packed in a convenient dispenser box. Cut to any length with scissors.
  13. Great for rehabilitation, strength training, yoga, stretching, and more. 4 feet length by 5.5 inches wide.
  14. Great for strength training, rehabilitation, stretching, and more. 18 feet (6 yards) roll of resistance band; 5.5 inches wide. Can be cut to any length with scissors. Weight designation printed on the bands in kilograms and pounds. No visible logo

  15. 150 total feet. Can be cut with scissors. Great for rehabilitation, strength, stretching, and more.
  16. Our best selling resistance tube! Great quality. Designed for commercial use. Deep discounts for bulk orders. Workoutz brand.
    • FREE exercise DVD & door anchor included
    • Great for travel or home workouts
    • Awesome value; one low price for any resistance level

    Our flat resistance band combo is perfect for full bo

    • FREE exercise DVD & door anchor included
    • Set of 5 flat resistance bands of varying resistance
    • Great for
  17. TRX Rip Trainer

    The Rip Trainer employs an innovative resistance cord system to create a variable, unbalanced load.
  18. Suggested for "extra wide" steps. Improve strength in the hip and thigh muscles. Removable bungee cord.
  19. Great for lower body exercises involving forward, lateral, and backward movements.
  20. The O-loop is perfect for both upper and lower body exercises. Available in five levels of resistance.
  21. Potential uses: lateral stepping, sports drills, group exercise, physical therapy, general fitness.
  22. Designed specifically to assist with the pull-up exercise. Features the most popular resistance levels.
  23. Our resistance bands will completely replace the ones from popular exercise video game systems. They are versatile and will accommodate upper and lower body exercises.

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