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  1. Works for resistance bands, tubes, bungee cords, and cable machines.
  2. The Resistance Band Exercises DVD is a series of the most effective resistance band exercises.
    • Allows you to connect modular attachments to resistance tubes
    • Works well with Resistance Tubes with D-rings
  3. Large Strap With D-Ring

    $7.95 - $9.95
    A large multipurpose strap with limitless applications. Hooks onto many surfaces: poles, trees, fencing, etc. Available in two lengths.
    • A versatile nylon strap for resistance bands and tubing
    • Attaches to doors, seat legs, poles, and more
    • Can b
  4. Allows height adjustment of bands and tubes to accommodate different exercises. Compatible with all sizes of resistance tubes and flat bands. Fits 99.9% of door frames/jams.

  5. Turns flat exercise bands into one continuous loop. Easy to use; works with any flat exercise band. Can also be used as handles for flat bands. Dimensions: 6 3/4" long.

  6. Foam rotating handle with steel D-ring. Easy to use; works with custom cut tubes and flat bands.
  7. Works with 99.9% of flat resistance bands and most tubes. Comfortably padded foam swivel handle.

  8. Easy to use, universal handles for flat exercise bands and resistance tubing. Sold in pairs. Perfect when used for custom cut pieces of resistance bands/tubes of different lengths. Extremely durable rotating PVC plastic handles. Instructions inclu

  9. Great for lower body exercises involving forward, lateral, and backward movements.
  10. Wall-mounted anchor system for resistance bands, suspension straps, loop bands, and stretch straps. Mounts to wooden studs, concrete, etc. Supports up to 300 lbs of resistance. Lifetime guarantee.
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