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Medicine Balls

Need a little bounce in your exercise program? We have a variety of medicine balls and storage racks. Our selection includes the weighted tornado rope ball, the non-bouncing slammer ball, the oversized CrossFit style wall ball, and the bounce med ball. Rebound your way to better health and explore our selection below.
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  1. Slammer Ball

    $31.95 - $349.95
    Available from 5 to 150 lbs. Non-bounce rubber weighted medicine ball. Intended for slamming.
  2. An oversized, weighted ball. Double stiched seam. Designed for wall ball exercises. Retains shape and weight balance over time.
  3. This rack holds five medicine balls. Great quality. Made from steel tubing. Black color. Assembly required.

  4. Holds ten medicine balls. Durable steel construction. Assembly required.

  5. A soft, pliable weighted medicine ball. Does not roll around or bounce. Textured surface for easy gripping. Ideal for exercise and rehabilitation.

  6. Perform core movements such as torso swinging, chopping, and rotational motion training.
  7. Bouncewell Medicine Ball

    $18.95 - $62.95

    A top-rated med ball. These are great for group fitness classes, core training, strength, plyometrics, rehabilitation, and more. The balls are not weighted with sand or any other fillers. The weight is derived from the thickness of the rubber wall

  8. Kamagon Ball

    $49.99 - $99.95
    A water-filled rubber ball. Creates instability during exercise. Works like a kettlebell, sandbag, med ball, weight plate, or dumbbell.
    • Patented rubber covered handle design offers more freedom and comfort during exercises
    • Dual grips provide versatility for more function and core training
    • Not designed for bouncing medicine b
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