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Fitness Testing

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  1. LEONARD Portable Wingspan Tester + Stadiometer

    Regular Price: $899.00

    Special Price $299.00



    The ultimate sporting combine and clinical research wingspan tester. Designed for portab

  2. LEONARD Vertspan | Portable Wingspan Tester

    Regular Price: $499.00

    Special Price $199.00



    Convert the Vertec Jump Tester into a portable wingspan tester! Horizontal measuring com

  3. Considered the industry's best vertical jump testing device. Used by the NFL Scouting Combine. Test vertical leap quickly and accurately.
  4. A digital timing system designed to accurately measure running speeds and split times for multiple athletes simultaneously. The athletes wear FxChips that wirelessly transmit accurate timing data to the coach on an Android or iOS device.
  5. Automated timing system that records speeds for events ranging from the 40-yard dash to downhill skiing. The athletes wear FxChips that wirelessly transmit accurate timing data to the coach on an Android or iOS device.
  6. New and improved 2016 model! Double-sided 6-inch LED display. Designed for marathons and gyms needing a large digital readout. Capable of programming custom timing intervals with sound. Optional sound/beep can be muted. Comes with remote, tripod, and
    • Measures grip strength
    • Professional model used by clinics and research facilities
    • Includes carrying case
  7. Measures grip strength. Professional model used in clinics, research facilities, and sporting combines.
  8. Replaces broken/damaged/lost Vertec acrylic heads. Available in red, white, and blue colors. Sold individually.

  9. ADC Pro's Combo V Pocket Aneroid Kit with premium aneroid manometer and stethoscope with carrying case. Lifetime calibration warranty and two year warranty on Adcuff™ inflation system.

  10. Used in fitness and clinical institutions around the world. Trusted Detecto brand. 400 lb x 4 oz weight capacity. Height Rod Included. All Detecto scales are tested with weights traceable to the U.S. Bureau of Standards.

  11. Goniometer

    • Easily measure range of motion / flexibility
    • 360 degree scale with 1 degree increments
    • Transparent plastic<
  12. A very accurate, low cost caliper. One of the most widely used professional calipers in the world. Manual included.
  13. The gold standard. The preferred caliper for scientific research. Carrying case included.
  14. Measure trunk flexibility. Quality, durable steel construction. Used by an endless number of schools and elite fitness training facilities.
    • Extremely durable and can be used professionally
    • Use it to measure body circumference
  15. The "gold standard" for body circumference measurements. Calibration lasts a lifetime.
  16. High quality speed timer with large readout. Records times for single events, as well as splits. Water and shock resistant.

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