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Boxing & MMA

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  1. Training Mask will make your workout so efficient, you can actually cut the amount of time spent in training by as much as two-thirds. Simply strap it on and begin your normal work out. Within days, you'll see the difference!
  2. Excellent value! Seven colors available. Ideal for use on speed bags, double-end bags, heavy bags, or focus mitts.
  3. TITLE Kid And Youth Boxing Gloves

    Regular Price: $39.99

    Special Price $29.99

    Weighs only 10 ounces. Excellent over-stuffed protection for small hands. Tough vinyl cover is perfect for the demands that only a kid can dish out.

  4. Ideal for boxing, kickboxing, and fitness class group workouts.

    • All leather construction
    • Ideal for use on the speed bag, double-end bag, heavy bag, or focus mitts
    • Inner grip bar for tight fist
    • Extra-long wrist wrap for ultimate support
    • Cut
    • Ideal for use on the speed bag, double-end bag, heavy bag, or focus mitts
    • Inner grip bar for tight fist
    • Extra long wrist wrap for ultimate support
    • Cut thumb hole
    • Black color o
    • More than 2" of molded "already broken in" foams over the fist and back of hand
    • Extra-long cuff provides additional support and coverage
    • Entire glove is covered in double thick, ultra-pliabl
    • 100% Softech™ leather
    • 3/4" shock repellent padding
    • Segmented palm design; soft inner lining
    • Fully adjustable dual cross Ultra-Lock™ hook and loop closure
    • Sold
    • Approved by all state and international sanctioning bodies
    • Anatomical curved shock absorbing foam striking surface
    • Open palm design
    • Made with full grain leather and wrist strap with hook-and
    • A full 2" of lightweight super shockabsorbing foam
    • Unique hook-and-loop wrist attachment means no slippage
    • Extra light weight for extended use
    • The best punch mitt value on the market
  5. More than 3" thick wedge foam under the wrist provides elite level training. Precision "king cut" double-ply full grain leather.
    • Leather construction with more than 3" of padding
    • Perfect for heavy hitters and easy for holders to hold for long periods of time
    • Unique air pocket in target area lessens the weight of the mitts allow
    • A double focus target that lets you know when you've hit it the right way
    • Produces an audible “clack” sound
    • Length is 16”; striking area has a 7” diameter
    • Sold in
    • Saves valuable time compared to traditional methods
    • Articulated finger loops
    • Anti-Shock Rev-Tech Gel™ padding
    • Neoprene for extra comfort
    • Exclusive Ultra-Lock™ hook
    • Hook and loop closure
    • Reusable and washable
    • Size: 1.5" x 108"
  6. Sold in pairs. 2" width by 180" length. Features special thumb loop. 100% durable stretch elastic.
    • Professional and amateur trainers swear by it
    • 2" x 15 yards with selvaged edges; no fraying
    • USA Boxing and Golden Gloves approved
    • The ultimate gauze at an unbeatable price
    • Absorbs all around moisture while deodorizing
    • Gives longer glove life
    • Leaves fresh cedar odor
    • Conforms to inner shape of your glove
    • Breathable cotton flannel shells filled wit
    • Heavy duty construction for maximum protection
    • Custom molds for a tight, comfortable fit
    • Lightweight structure absorbs and disperses impact
    • Semi-flexible inner wall enhances its fit and has
    • Boil and bite style makes for easy fitting
    • Lightweight design
    • Provides protection and comfort
    • Clean storage for your mouth guard
    • Features secure closure
    • Black color
    • A necessity for training and gym workouts
    • Digitally adjustable parameters
    • Large 3" display
    • Four level volume control
    • Action time range 1-9 minutes (in 1 minute step)
    • Ball bearing swivel
    • Easily mounts on any wood beam
    • Color – Silver
    • Free turning, solid steel swivel
    • Zinc galvanized
    • Heavy duty chain for durability
    • Toughest and quietest spring available
    • Reduces noise and stress on your heavy bag mount
    • Adds years of life by keeping the D-ring from snapping
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