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Balance Products

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  1. Commonly used for balance and joint stabilization. Compact and portable. 13-inch diameter.
  2. This is the "professional" BOSU model found in commercial gyms. Commonly used for balance and core stability.
  3. The Pink BOSU makes exercise more challenging and more effective. Comes with DVD and foot pump.
  4. Solid steel storage that can hold up to 14 fully inflated BOSU PRO Balance Trainers.
  5. Made of a special lightweight foam that has destabilizing properties. Comes with full color poster with exercises and stretches. Unstable balance pad forces the subject to use proper form and synergist muscles. Ideal for bodyweight exercises. Use mul
    • Developed for clinical balance and proprioception exercises
    • Made of soft, but rigid foam material
    • Trapezoid shape can be used on either size depending on skill level
    • Safe for balancing and t
    • Professional quality, extremely durable
    • Great for upper body and lower body exercises
    • Lightweight and port
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