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Unfilled SandBell Free Weights

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Unfilled SandBell Free Weights

SandBells work like a medicine ball, kettlebell, or dumbbell, but does much more. Simply fill with sand. Sold individually.

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  • Patented design works hand, wrist, and arm strength
  • Shifting sand activates stabilizing core muscles
  • Works like a medicine ball, kettlebell, or dumbbell, but does much more
  • Multiple applications: slamming, swinging, grip strength, etc.
  • Safer for you and for floors at home or in a fitness club
  • Sold as an empty/unfilled Sandbell shell (requires filling with sand)


Hyperwear’s patented SandBell® reinvents free weight exercise. A soft, sand-filled disk shaped bag, a SandBell can be used in pairs like dumbbells, thrown like medicine balls, swung like a kettlebell, and glided like a glide disk. Think of the SandBell as a medicine ball you can hold with one hand or a soft kettle bell with no handle needed. Guaranteed to be bust-proof, you can slam a SandBell to the floor making a great full body exercise and stress reliever. More effective, safe and fun the shifting sand works more muscles getting better results in shorter workouts. A full body workout with SandBells will sculpt arms, core, abs, glutes and thighs. In the hands of an athlete, the SandBell can build explosive core, leg, arm, wrist and grip strength. The ideal SandBell performance or fat blasting workout is circuit or HIT (high intensity training). Amazingly, this same simple SandBell sandbag weight is soft, safe and fun for physical education and active aging activities.



The SandBell is also safer for you and your floors. On a slick floor you can use Hyperwear SandBells for a variety of sliding core exercises to build better abs. Its outer cover, made of durable, stretchy neoprene, contains a leak-proof core. You have the option to save money by purchasing them empty. Dry washed all-purpose sand is recommended for use with Hyperwear SandBells, which can be obtained at home improvement stores. Employ a funnel for easy filling (sold separately).

Empty and filled SandBells are available in the following weights and rim colors: 2lb. (red), 4lb. (yellow), 6lb. (green), 8lb. (blue), 10lb. (indigio), 12lb. (violet), 15lb. (indigo), 20lb. (blue), 25lb. (green), 30lb. (yellow), 40lb. (red), and 50 lb. (black)

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Unfilled SandBell Free Weights