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Kamagon Ball

A water-filled rubber ball. Creates instability during exercise. Works like a kettlebell, sandbag, med ball, weight plate, or dumbbell.

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  • A water-filled rubber ball with handles
  • Hydro-inertia creates instability throughout exercises
  • Use it just like a kettlebell, sandbag, medicine ball, dumbbell, or weight plate
  • Various handles allow for multiple grip options
  • Weight is adjustable by simply adding or removing water
  • Water lines imprinted on the ball allow for accurate measurement
  • Extremely durable thick rubber shell can even be slammed
  • Available in 9” and 14” sizes
  • 90 day warranty against defects

The Kamagon Ball is a unique core stability product that bridges a necessary gap in the functional training market. The Kamagon Ball is filled with water to adjust the weight creating a "hydro inertia" that recruits a greater number of muscle fibers when performing the most basic to advanced exercises. Water lines imprinted on the ball allow for accurate water measurement. The Kamagon Ball is used for full body workouts, engaging in full range of motion exercises. Proudly made in the USA.

14" Kamagon Ball holds between 1 and 50 lbs of water

9" Kamagon Ball holds between 1 and 13 lbs of water


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Kamagon Ball