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Flat Exercise Bands (4 Feet)   
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4ft Flat Band - Extra Light (Red)
Item No: FB001
USD $3.35
4ft Flat Band - Light (Orange)
Item No: FB002
USD $3.55
4ft Flat Band - Light/Med (Yellow)
Item No: FB003
USD $3.95
4ft Flat Band - Medium (Green)
Item No: FB004
USD $4.55
4ft Flat Band - Med/Heavy (Light Blue)
Item No: FB005
USD $4.95
4ft Flat Band - Heavy (Indigo)
Item No: FB006
USD $5.55
4ft Flat Band - Extra Heavy (Violet)
Item No: FB007
USD $5.95
  • 4 feet length by 5.5 inches wide
  • Great for rehabilitation, strength training, yoga, stretching, and more
  • Used by major clinical institutions worldwide
  • No logos or insignia
  • Individually polybagged
  • Light vanilla scent
  • Brand: workoutz.com (generic)

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The flat exercise band is one of the most convenient, versatile, and economically priced exercise aids. Perform upper and lower body exercises with ease. Use it for group fitness, stretching, strength training, or physical therapy. This product may contain dry rubber or natural latex.

Color Max Resistance Band Thickness
Red 3.3 lbs .15 mm (5.91 mils)
Orange 4.5 lbs .20 mm (7.87 mils)
Yellow 6 lbs .25 mm (9.84 mils)
Green 8 lbs .30 mm (11.81 mils)
Light Blue 10 lbs .38 mm (14.96 mils)
Indigo 15 lbs .53 mm (20.87 mils)
Violet 20 lbs .68 mm (26.77 mils)


NOTICE: Red flat bands are intended for baseline strength levels (e.g. early stage rehabilitation). Yellow is a typical starting level for most.

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Bulk discounts available via our wholesale website

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