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Workoutz.com was founded by fitness professionals. The company is veteran owned and operated. We sell the same products used in our own facility. Our resistance bands and fitness equipment has a proven level of quality and are sold to a number of high profile department stores, military, colleges, and professional athletes each and every week.

Benefits to choosing workoutz.com:

  • Same-day shipping on most orders
  • Buy without having to create an account
  • 60 day return policy
  • 24/7 customer care

In addition, we provide FREE resistance band exercise video demonstrations, as well as FREE workout programs featuring our resistance bands. The following video shows one of our best selling resistance bands in action:




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Best Selling Resistance Bands



Ankle Resistance Band

Starting at $2.95





Heavy Duty Bands for Assisted Pull-Ups

Starting at $11.95





Basic Resistance Tube

Starting at $6.20





Resistance Tube with Padded Handles

Starting at $7.20





Flat Exercise Band

Starting at $3.35





Complete Resistance Tubing Set with DVD

Starting at $42.95






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